My Moncada is Today.

 My Moncada is Today.

Baracoa on the way to its 510 Anniversary

  510 Anniversary of the foundation of Our Lady of the Asumption of Baracoa 1511-2021

Covid-19 in Baracoa: just slight differences

21/09/2021 15:25  RadioBaracoa 38

Yesterday Baracoa was once again the territory with the highest number of Covid-19 cases in Guantánamo, where the number of patients who contracted SARS-COV-2 has been between two and three hundred.

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New coronavirus continues to escalate in Baracoa

19/09/2021 14:46  RadioBaracoa 131

The report on the official site of the Ministry of Public Health of Cuba of other 251 people from Baracoa positive to Covid-19 and four deaths makes clear the delicate epidemiological situation here as the municipality with the highest incidence of the disease in the Guantánamo province.

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Bad situation with Covid-19 in Baracoa

18/09/2021 19:48  RadioBaracoa 79

After one of the most fateful days in Baracoa associated with Covid-19, the municipality reported 185 new cases of the disease this Friday and one death.

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Two other deaths due to Covid-19 in Baracoa

15/09/2021 10:26  RadioBaracoa 100

Two other people died this Tuesday in Baracoa due to complications derived from Covid-19, which keeps claiming lives in this municipality every day.

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Covid-19 in Baracoa: immovable

14/09/2021 16:08  RadioBaracoa 164

Covid-19 is behaving like a stationary cyclon in Baracoa due to the average number of new patients and deaths on a daily basis.

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