62 Years of Revolution and Victories

 62 Years of Revolution and Victories

Baracoa on the way to its 510 Anniversary

  510 Anniversary of the foundation of Our Lady of the Asumption of Baracoa 1511-2021

Seven new cases of COVID-19 in Baracoa

07/05/2021 12:35  RadioBaracoa 88

In a week marked by the highest numbers of COVID-19 in Baracoa since the first cases here in April of last year, there were 7 infections by the new coronavirus associated with the municipality this Thursday 7th.

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Unexpected explosion of COVID-19 cases in Baracoa

06/05/2021 12:15  RadioBaracoa 126

When the recent and almost sucessive figures of 10 cases of COVID-19 in one day and 7 in another in Baracoa were alarming for the municipality, the 17 infections this Wednesday associated with the territory seem too much.

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Three more cases of COVID-19 in Baracoa

05/05/2021 12:26  RadioBaracoa 28

Three new cases of COVID-19 were associated yesterday with Baracoa, where  were registered this month the two highest numbers of the disease since the beginning of the pandemic in April 2020.

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Study on cocoa wins national science prize

05/05/2021 11:14  Víctor Hugo Purón Fonseca 29

The Doctor in Agricultural Sciences Igor Bidot Martínez, from the University of Guantánamo (UG), values the recently awarded 2020 National Prize from the Cuban Academy of Sciences (ACC) to the research he coordinates as a recognition of teamwork, in favor of the sustainable development in Baracoa and other parts of Cuba of the agricultural product with which the worldwide demanded chocolate is obtained.

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Seven new cases of COVID-19 set the alarm on in Baracoa

04/05/2021 12:13  RadioBaracoa 83

The COVID-19 statistics linked to Baracoa included 7 new cases of the disease yesterday, the second highest number of contagion by the new coronavirus registered in the municipality since the beginning of the pandemic.

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