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 My Moncada is Today.

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  510 Anniversary of the foundation of Our Lady of the Asumption of Baracoa 1511-2021

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21/07/2021 18:43 Arelis Alba 130
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Doctor Miguel Fernández Rubio Pons, pediatrician from Baracoa Foto: Miguel Ángel Sánchez
Doctor Miguel Fernández Rubio Pons, pediatrician from Baracoa Photo: Miguel Ángel Sánchez

It is a sunny morning on the banks of the Toa River. The family doctor's office in Tabajó is more crowded than usual. Specialists from the city take care of children and pregnant women. It is common every month in the mountains of Baracoa. Pediatrician Miguel Fernández Rubio Pons takes a break from his work to answer my questions.

I want you to tell me about the work you do here.

"Right now we are looking at the pediatric population of Tabajó, where we not only treat children under one year old as part of the Maternal and Child Program, but also include patients with chronic non-communicable childhood diseases, pregnant adolescents and other children with some kind of risk ”.

How often do you do these consultations?

"With a planned monthly frequency."

This morning started very early for you, how much have you done already?

"Well, I have already treated several patients, including a newborn, several infants in their follow-up consultation, as well as some children with chronic non-communicable diseases".

What is the specific objective of specialized consultations?

“These consultations are very important because it is the projection of specialists towards the community, towards primary care for health prevention. We normally see healthy children, but if we detect any health problems, we are here for that kind of care too ”.

The fact that you are here now has nothing to do with the current transportation situation. This program has traditionally been developed in the municipality for quite some time, hasn't it?

"Yes, this type of consultation is prioritized and is part of the mother and child program, which is a priority in our country."

Do you only treat the children of this area today?

"Also those of the family doctor's office in Quiviján ."

So you have been to Quiviján before.

"Yes, we already went there."

I am sure it was very early.

"Yes, very early in the morning."

And how did the care of the pediatric patients who were summoned for the consultation behave?

“Quiviján and Tabajó are areas where patients are very disciplined. All the children attend for consultation. Today we had field work to check an at-risk infant, a four-and-a-half-month-old girl who was born in preterm, with low birth weight, that she could not get to the office and we visited her at home ”.

In the midst of the epidemiological situation the municipality is experiencing, you will probably take the opportunity to talk with the family about the prevention measures necessary to avoid the spread of the epidemic and take care of the health of minors.

“Yes, that is part of our job: educating the population. But we carry out these educational talks without neglecting sanitary hygiene measures ourselves and maintaining due physical distance from parents and children ”.

If I asked you to do a child health assessment in this area, what would you highlight?

“I was already telling you that we generally serve healthy children, that is what predominates. But in consultation we assess all types of risk that the patient may have. In the event of an emergency pathology, all clinics have a telephone and we activate the Integrated Medical Emergency System (SIUM) to transfer the patient to a secondary or tertiary care unit ”.

Today you are in Quiviján-Tabajó, but I suppose that this program of consultations with specialists will also reach other parts of the municipality. What other areas do you visit?

"We serve the Santa Rosa de Duaba area and all the clinics from Toa to Santa María."

That is in terms of consultations, although you also carry out other work functions on a daily basis.

"Well, apart from the interconsultations in rural areas, we work in the educational part training the residents of Comprehensive General Medicine. We also project ourselves in the multidisciplinary consultation that takes place in the hospital; as well as other types of activities ”.

I am not stealing any more of your time because you are in the middle of work. I appreciate these minutes. Thanks a lot.