My Moncada is Today.

 My Moncada is Today.

Baracoa on the way to its 510 Anniversary

  510 Anniversary of the foundation of Our Lady of the Asumption of Baracoa 1511-2021

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Photo Collage   Foto: RadioBaracoa
Photo Collage Photo: RadioBaracoa

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Baracoa included again in the list of patients with COVID-19 in Cuba
(Published: 28/02/2021  Views:  412)

Allegory to Covid-19 in Cuba Foto: Taken from internetTwo more cases of COVID-19 in Baracoa
(Published: 17/03/2021 Views: 338)

Allegory to Covid-19 in Cuba Photo: Taken from internetPhoto of the day
(Published: 23/03/2021 Views: 293)

Effect of a meteorological event on the Baracoa seawall in 2018. Photo: Miguel Ángel Sánchez PinedaUps and downs of COVID, Baracoa without any case on Sunday
(Published: 15/03/2021  Views: 265)

Allegory to Covid-19 in Cuba Photo: Taken from internetBaracoa reports the highest number of Covid-19 infections in one day
(Published:  24/03/2021  Views: 235)

Covid-19 in Baracoa Photo: Photo Collage