62 Years of Revolution and Victories

 62 Years of Revolution and Victories

Baracoa on the way to its 510 Anniversary

  510 Anniversary of the foundation of Our Lady of the Asumption of Baracoa 1511-2021

Young people of Guantanamo follow the route of Flor Crombet and his expedition

08/04/2019 17:13  Idalia Batista Samón 852

Result of the actions for the rescue of cultural and historical traditions, the initiative to follow Flor Crombet´s route in Yateras acquires provincial connotation for the first time in more than thirty years.

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Baracoa´s people remember the landing on Duaba Beach (+Gallery)

01/04/2019 13:29  Mirna Rodríguez Zuñiga 343

The Baracoa´s people demonstrated once again that the patriotism and example of the generals Antonio and José Maceo and Flor Crombet is magnified when marching on a pilgrimage to the Obelisk of Duaba to commemorate the 124th anniversary of the landing that occurred on April 1st, 1895.

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When Maceo saved the Revolution

01/04/2019 07:26  Mara de Labat Domínguez 298

The night is dark, stormy, the strong waves shake the old schooner with its valuable cargo, whose members try to orient themselves by the shadow that is glimpsed, but the captain of the ship recommends not to approach the coast, it is too dangerous.

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Occupation of Imias´ barracks: a way to victory

14/11/2018 08:46  Ernesto Pérez Shelton and Rafael Borges Betancourt 254

After the victorious battle of the ambush of Guamá in Baracoa, on November 4, 1958, Commander Felix Pena Diaz began preparations for the siege and occupation of the Imias´ barracks, located between Baracoa and Guantánamo. It was not the first time that they tried to take the barracks from that place.

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The interview at La Mejorana

05/05/2018 10:24  Galina Arcia Laffita 693

After the arrival of the chiefs of the independence war in Cuba, a meeting between them was necessary to adapt plans and decide the course of the war. Martí and Gómez arranged an interview with Maceo, but various causes, including military operations carried out by the troops of Antonio Maceo, did not make it possible until May 5, 1895.

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