Desde la comunidad, hacemos Cuba

  Desde la comunidad, hacemos Cuba

Road improvements underway in mountains of Baracoa

05/12/2018 18:09 Antonio Marrero Duverger / 224
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Extraction of land for road repair in Baracoa Foto: Radio Rebelde
Extraction of land for road repair in Baracoa Foto: Radio Rebelde

Hundreds of farmers living in mountainous areas which are mainly producers of cocoa, coffee and coconut in Baracoa, are benefitted from the recovery of 47 kilometers of roads, a work done by workers of the Road Brigade that belongs to the Agro-forestry and Coconut Enterprise in this northeastern municipality of the province of Guantánamo.

Boca de Miel-Yara, the Guanacón and Arroyón-Veguita-Amarilla roads, in Baracoa, and the route that in this municipality communicates El Jamal with La Tinta, in Maisí, are the stretches recovered by the bulldozer, cylinders compactors, front-end loaders operators and truck drivers that, among others, are part of the group of builders.

The repaired roads allow transport in motor vehicles from mountainous places to the Prime City of Cuba, the agricultural productions of the farmers and state structures, as well as the products of the family basket and medicines, from the First Village of Cuba to the stores and pharmacies located in those territories.

These were previously left at a long distance where the automotive transport could get and from there they were transported in mules or on shoulders of the workers and residents to the stores and pharmacies located in the mountainous areas.

With the repair of roads in agroforestry areas mainly in the mountains, the workers of the Road Brigade of the Agroforestry and Coco Enterprise in Baracoa made it possible to restore the bus service for the rural communities of Mosquitero, Capiro, Arroyón, Los Gallegos de Jauco and La Tinta; these last two are located in the extreme eastern municipality of Maisí.

Source: Radio Rebelde

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