Desde la comunidad, hacemos Cuba

  Desde la comunidad, hacemos Cuba

El Yunque

04/01/2010 21:18 Eliannis Legrá Rodríguez 1451
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El Yunque is the natural symbol of the city of Baracoa.

To the east of the Sierra de Moa, belonging to the Nipe-Sagua-Baracoa mountain massif, is the majestic El Yunque, a mountain of 575 meters of altitude as a result of the differential erosion of limestone.

It is distinguished by its peculiar shape. The mountain resembles a large isolated plateau with a horizontal surface, and nearly vertical slopes. Ii is considered to be part of a much wider mountain which must have covered much of the Sagua-Baracoa sub region.

It was first described in Christopher Columbus´ diary on November 1492 as "a high and square mountain which looked like an island."

Its first description was made by Admiral Christopher Columbus, on November 27, 1492 after arrive to the shores:

... and he saw that it was

a large bay and at the end

of it, on the Southwestern

part, a cape where there was a

high and square mountain that

looked like an island...

For its natural and scenic worth El Yunque was declared a Monument of Nature. It is considered one of the lies of Baracoa s because it is not an anvil of iron and is one of the most prominent features of Baracoa´s environment.

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