We build Cuba from our communities

  We build Cuba from our communities

Furniture and medical equipment recovered in Baracoa

16/06/2019 16:13 Dagmaris Matos Richardson 134
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Genetic service in Baracoa´s hospital Foto: Archivo Venceremos
Genetic service in Baracoa´s hospital Photo: Archivo Venceremos

An outstanding work of repairing damaged or disused equipment is carried out by the collective of the Territorial Workshop of Technical Services of Electromedicine in Baracoa.

The recovery of furniture and medical equipment generates savings by substitution of imports and fixes some components or devices necessary for health services in the municipality.

More than 30 men and women from Baracoa make up the collective, a large part of them also integrate the National Association of Innovators and Rationalizers.

In the face of technological obsolescence and the hardening of the United States blockade against Cuba, the solutions provided by the electricians of Baracoa allow many equipment to function and maintain the vitality of the services in the territory's health centers.