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  We build Cuba from our communities

Baracoa´s painters awarded with the Eliseo Osorio Creation Grant

13/06/2019 19:31 Galina Arcia Laffita 101
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From left to right, Jorge Luis Ruiz Vinent, Alejandro Hartmann Matos, Historian of Baracoa, and Yoeldris Rey Lores Foto: Miguel Ángel Sánchez Pineda
From left to right, Jorge Luis Ruiz Vinent, Alejandro Hartmann Matos, Historian of Baracoa, and Yoeldris Rey Lores Photo: Miguel Ángel Sánchez Pineda

The young painters Jorge Luis Ruiz Vinent and Yoeldris Rey Lores deserved the Creation Grant of the eighteenth Eliseo Osorio Plastic Arts Territorial Salon, held today in the First City of Cuba.

Ruiz Vinent was recognized for the painting Fieles hijos del olvido, while Rey Lores created an installation entitled Germinación.

Meanwhile, the linear prizes were given to the young local painter Yorguan Leyva Blanco, for the work Por ti y por mí, and to Javier Durán Reyes, also baracoeso, with the photography Amanecer en Mata.

Moments before the award ceremony, the personal exhibition Hábitats, by Alexei Osorio Blet, was inaugurated as a result of the Creation Grant obtained by this creator of Imías last year thanks to the work En el país de los ciegos.

"Man is a wolf for man", says the artist in the words of the catalog, as a reflection of what he wanted to express in the ten works of the exhibition.

Yoel Rey Barroso, director of the Eliseo Osorio Art Gallery, sponsor of the salon, highlighted the creation of the young participants in the contest and the improvement in the quality of their works.
The present edition of the most important event of the plastic arts in Baracoa was dedicated to the 125th anniversary of Eliseo Osorio´s birth, and to the half century of artistic life of the painter Luis Eliades Rodríguez.

Collateral prizes of Eliseo Osorio

Yorguan Leyva Blanco

Work: Por ti y por mí


Awarded by: Crear Contigo Socio Cultural Project


Javier Durán Reyes

Work: Amanecer en Mata

Awarded by: Curator´s office of the City and Chair of Plastic Arts of the Cecilio Gómez Lambert Municipal Culture House

Jorge Luis Ruiz Vinent

Work: Fieles hijos del olvido


Awarded by: José Martí Cultural Society

Yoeldris Rey Lores

Work: Germinación

Awarded by: National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba

Jorge Luis Ruiz Vinent, Baracoa´s painter

Yoeldris Rey Lores, Baracoa´s painter

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