Summer 2019: Vívelo!

  Summer 2019: Vívelo!

Baracoa´s people enjoy performances of the Cuban National Circus

13/06/2019 20:19 Galina Arcia Laffita 106
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Performance of the Cuban National Circus in Baracoa Foto: Richard López Castellanos
Performance of the Cuban National Circus in Baracoa Photo: Richard López Castellanos

Members of the Cuban National Circus concluded their performances in Baracoa with the one planned for this Wednesday at the Sports Center located in La Punta, where they offered the show Fiesta de Maravillas.

Contortionists, magicians, jugglers, clowns and an animal tamer captivated those present with their performances full of danger and cunning.

The show was distinguished by the laughter of the public during the performances of the clowns Cachito and Canilla "The Clueless", who managed to get children and young people to join the stage to perform with them.

An impressive moment was the entrance of the so-called Queen of the Amazons, the tamer Mercedes, who won the attention and applause of those present for their bravery and skill with the crocodiles.

The staff of the Cuban National Circus that was presented in Baracoa received recognition from the Directorate of Culture in the municipality, for their presentations in various communities of the territory, including some unscheduled.