We build Cuba from our communities

  We build Cuba from our communities

Slave, me?

06/06/2019 19:10 Pablo Gomero Machado 110
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Image alluding to nomophobia Foto: La Voz de Galicia
Image alluding to nomophobia Photo: La Voz de Galicia

When I see technological advances today like the internet, mobile phones, computers, and their uses, I have no doubt that the current generation occupies with these equipments the space for other forms of interacting, while losing independence and incorporating something inanimate to their personality.

The society itself provides the technology and converts it into the so-called technological nana, which distances adolescents and young people from other activities considered dangerous by their parents.

But the main problem, I think, is not the world and its technical advances, but the obsessive use of equipment, to make them essential as an addiction.

The disorder is due to the fact that the individuals need to be up-to-date, be accepted by others, become familiar with the latest fashion, so they spend many hours connected and develop their identity through social networks.

The consequence of the above is that the individual, when being surrounded by the aforementioned objects, develops little self-confidence and low self-esteem, with lack of social skills and conflict resolution.

Notice how in the leisure time the mobile seems to be everything, the total enjoyment, with cell phone reviews up to more than 30 times a day, the symptom of nanophobia.

In reality, parents and other adults must be very attentive to their children, make use of their free time in other tasks, such as reading, listening to music, dancing, or simply talking face to face with their friends.

Today, the possession of a mobile phone for teenagers is a sign of distinction, as well as an effective tool to see the time, be aware of a call or keep documents linked to the school.

The cell phone is an accessory that complements the way young people dress, their social status, the image before others, which brings recognition, exclusion and self-exclusion among others exposed to social inequality.

I confess that I long for the days when cell phones were used only to make calls and send messages, because now our boys just want to have the best phones to watch movies and series, to notice the powerful multimedia player, the connectivity profile, the processor and the memory capacity.

For now, I am encouraged to be sure that I will not become addicted to cell phones; that is, I will never suffer from nomophobia, because I grew up in a stage where nothing was digital.

In short, I am very aware that technology exists to make life easy for us, not to enslave us.