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Young people of Guantanamo follow the route of Flor Crombet and his expedition

08/04/2019 17:13 Idalia Batista Samón 638
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Obelisk located in Alto de Palmarito, in Yateras Foto: Internet
Obelisk located in Alto de Palmarito, in Yateras Photo: Internet

Result of the actions for the rescue of cultural and historical traditions, the initiative to follow Flor Crombet´s route in Yateras acquires provincial connotation for the first time in more than thirty years.

Sponsored by the  Young Communist League in that mountainous municipality, the present edition of the journey is distinguished by the participation of young people from various territories of Guantanamo, who will exchange with residents of six rural areas for four days.

They will also carry out volunteer work, camp in places where there are  commemorative plaques that identify the route of the expedition of the Honor Schooner and star workshops on  issues allegorical to the events of April 10th, the most important historical date of the municipality of Yateras.

The young participants who reissue Flor Crombet´s route aim at reaching Alto de Palmarito, the site where they will stage the last battle of the courageous mambí and be together with the people in the act for the 124th anniversary of his death in combat.

Source: Radio Guantánamo

Reedition: RadioBaracoa