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The interview at La Mejorana

05/05/2018 10:24 Galina Arcia Laffita 462
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Drawing based in the Mejorana Meeting Foto: Internet
Drawing based in the Mejorana Meeting Photo: Internet

After the arrival of the chiefs of the independence war in Cuba, a meeting between them was necessary to adapt plans and decide the course of the war. Martí and Gómez arranged an interview with Maceo, but various causes, including military operations carried out by the troops of Antonio Maceo, did not make it possible until May 5, 1895.

The Meeting of La Mejorana, in the vicinity of San Luis, old department of Oriente, took place in the context of the beginning of the Necessary War. This is how José Martí, Máximo Gómez and Antonio Maceo meet to decide on the plans and organization of the struggle.

In this meeting, the plan of organization of the government of the Republic in Arms and the war plans to be developed was drawn up. Martí was recognized as the supreme leader of the Revolution, in his capacity as Delegate of the Cuban Revolutionary Party; Máximo Gómez as General in Chief; and Maceo was appointed Lieutenant General and Chief of the East.

The interview also served to discuss the plans of the invasion to the West and agree to carry them out as soon as possible.

After the meeting was over, the three big men of the Revolution took shelter under the shade of some tamarind trees. This time the meeting seemed to be cordial, but as in La Mejorana, nobody knew what they talked about. Hours later Gómez and Martí continued their journey.